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Hi there all you lovely ladies and 'Yummy Mummies' in Kingston Upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. My name is Lisa Rowe and I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer just for women in Hull and East Riding.

Do you want to lose weight or tone up? Perhaps you want to incorporate some healthier eating knowledge into your plans? You may even be looking for a complete overhaul of your current lifestyle for health reasons and are needing some guidance and motivation? Whichever question applies to you, I am here to help.
I am just like all of you ladies out there, struggling to find time to fit in everything that modern day life throws at us. However, just looking into the benefits of personal training means that you are realising that to do all the things busy working ladies and mums need to do, you need to be 110% healthy and fit.
I'm a working mum so I know how hard it is to find  time to exercise. However, I am here to teach you that it can be done. I can show you how to not only get into and stay in shape, but also how to gain maximum rewards from the little time you do have. You will be able to see with my methods that making small changes in your lifestyle, diet and exercise patterns can make massive improvements in your overall health. Not only will this become apparent in your figure and dress size, but also in your self esteem and your energy levels. All I ask of you in return is motivation and 100% commitment.
So what are you waiting for ladies? You really deserve some YOU time. There are no gimmicks, no quick fixes, but if you decide that Lisa Rowe is the right personal trainer for you, I assure you that you  will learn the principles of health and fitness that will carry you through into a very old age. And boy, will you look FANTASTIC.

NEW!! Pre & Post Natal Exercises

With the qualifications I have, I can guide you safely through your pregnancy, each trimester showing you the best exercises, and that ones to avoid due to safety issues. When you have had your little (tiring) bundle of joy, I can ease you back into exercise once your GP has given you the all clear, and slowly but surely,together we can get you your figure back. It may be an even better one than you had before.
You may want to have some one to one sessions, maybe some sessions with a pregnant friend, or maybe you just want a session at the beginning of each trimester,  to find out the do's and don'ts for each part of your pregnancy. Whatever you want to do, I would love to help you maintain a level of fitness during this time.

Special Offers!

I will be adding special offers on a regular Special Offersbasis, so Please check back to see how you can save on money and feel fabulous.
Here youll find all current Special Offers.